We have raised

1555 €

in 2015 for the good cause!!!

Thank you very much for all cooking for charity attendees and all generous donators!

Where did the money go?

I am very sorry for updating you guys so late, was a crazy busy year so far… But I hope you all know me good enough to trust me that all the money went in time and legally fine (November/December 2015) to the bespoke cause. Which was the „Christmas presents for homeless girls in Düsseldorf“ at the Trebe Café.

Some recap:
The Trebe Café is a place, where homeless girls can go, have a shower, get some food or have a nap. And most important, where they feel save and where someone listens to them. As the money is short within this institution, there is not much money left for additional things, for example like christmas presents etc. And as most of the homeless girls going there probably don’t have families, who care about them on christmas, I used the raised money to buy christmas presents for them.

I have put a wish-box in the cafe in November, where they could insert their wishes, and I bought their presents and gave these to them on christmas. Also we sponsored their main christmas present, which were solid backpacks, which they needed the most, Mrs. Wenzel said.

So, I am happy that we have put a smile on their faces with this, as the feedback was very positive. Mrs. Wenzel said, that they have been all very happy and thankful for the presents… :-)

If you want to know more details, please feel free to ask me.
Thanks to everyone supporting this project.


Marita Wenzel, Manager of the Trebe Café


The wish-box


Two sample wishes ;-)


The presents